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Raw Aquamarine Crystal

Materials: Raw Aquamarine Crystal
* Size 3" - 6"

Custom orders: If you are interested in a size option not shown in the store, contact us to see if we can fulfill your request. We will be pleased to create custom size options to match what you need for your business or colors. Please provide details about the type of variation or color scheme you are interested in purchasing and we will work with you to provide a product you love.

Wholesale orders: If you are a store interested in placing a wholesale order, please send us a message and we can place an order tailored for your Business. We will contact you within one business day.


Raw Aquamarine Crystal Extra Quality - Serenity and Intuition

* In the Mental aspect: It is a stone that brings calm and serenity, relieves anxiety and fights insomnia.

*In the Emotional aspect: It works by eliminating grudges, fears and negativity.

*In the Spiritual aspect: It opens the process of accepting spirituality, it is very much linked to the spiritual side by its beautiful and magical tonality that emits a soft but high angelic vibration that increases the positive energies around you and removes all bad influences.

*In the Physical aspect: It acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory for the nerves in general.

Chakra Alignment:

The Crystal acts in the 5th Laryngeal Chakra

Note: The stones, because they are totally natural, can suffer small differences in color and shape, but they are all selected and of excellent purity in order to guarantee the presence of their energies in full intensity.
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