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Amazonite Point, Small Amaz...

Materials: Amazonite Point Specimen
* Size: 2" - 7"
* Origin: Brazil

Healing crystals

Amazonite is an encouraging gemstone which can assist in increasing your self-esteem and confidence and in clearing away any negative thoughts. Additionally, Amazonite is a balancing gemstone for your masculine and feminine sides.

There are many ideas and beliefs on the healing properties of these crystals. When it comes to individual needs, a personal 'bond' with the crystal you take home does come into play. Whether used as talismans, healing tools, or simply for their decorative beauty, an individual's attitude and beliefs also impact using these crystals. Do note: Crystals should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment. For medical advice, consult a licensed health care specialist.

Amazonite Obelisk is sold by weight or individual pieces.  All our crystals are packaged carefully with self-seal bubble wrap bags to keep contents safe during dispatching. Crystals shown are for illustration as these are natural items, kindly expect some variance.

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