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Chakra Stone Set

Materials: * Material: Made with 100% natural stone;
* Genuine Crystals
* Weight Set approx. 1 or 2 pounds

The Set include:
  • 1 X Selenite Pendulum (Size Approx. between 2" - 3")
  • 1 X 7 Chakra Pendulum (Size Approx. between 2" - 3")
  • 1 X Amethyst Specimen (Size Approx. between 3" - 6")
  • 1 X Rose Quartz (Size Approx. between 3" - 6")
  • 1 X 7 Chakras Tumbled Stones ( Size Approx. between 1" - 2.5 each stone)
  • 1 X Lemurian Crystal (Size Approx. between 3" - 6")
  • 1 X Cardboard Box or Gift box



Chakra stones emit energies that vibrate in tune with the petals of each of the 7 Chakras. Its vibrations activate, purify, align and harmonize the energies of the Chakras very efficiently. Coronary (Amethyst Crystal) - Chakra of Enlightenment, makes connections with the planes of light. In balance it generates peace, wisdom and well-being. In imbalance it causes confusion, forgetfulness and difficulty in thinking. Frontal (Cristal Pencil Lazuli) - located between the eyebrows, it is the chakra of intuition, spiritual perception and the paranormal. In balance it elevates the intuition and psychic abilities, in imbalance it causes nightmares, lack of focus and headache. Laryngeal or Throat (marine water) - located over the larynx. The color defined for this chakra is light blue. is the communication chakra, personal truth and creativity. In balance it increases the ease of communication, in imbalance it leads to problems with the thyroid and lack of creative ideas. Cardiac (Rose Quartz) - Chakra of love, which circulates all energy. In balance it generates peace and acceptance. In imbalance it causes heart problems, shyness and sadness. * Solar Plexus (Citrine) - Chakra of identity and personal strength. In balance it generates strength, courage, self-confidence. In imbalance it causes nervousness, anxiety and digestive problems. * Umbilical (Carnelian) - Chakra of creativity, sexuality and happiness. In balance it generates a feeling of joy and creativity. In imbalance it brings fears, guilt, attachment and excess weight. * Base (Red Jasper) - Chakra of survival and physical needs.
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