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Citrine Druze Clusters

Material: Citrine And Heat-Treated Amethyst.
* Size 2" - 11"
* From Brazil
* AAA Grade

Citrine Crystal are sold by weight or individual pieces. All our Crystals are packaged with Self-Seal Bubble Wrap Bags with Lip and Tape to keep contents securely inside the bag. Then, carefully packaged in bubble wrap. Crystals shown are for illustration as these are natural items please expect some variance from stones to stones. Minerals supplied will be very similar however, they are not identical. Posted pictures are to provide an idea of the quality and sizes.

Healing Crystals

The properties and healing benefits and largely the same. In my experience, Citrine tumble stones are almost always Amethyst as well as those orange-yellow clusters that look suspiciously like an Amethyst Cluster.

Physically: Citrine (both varieties) are good for increasing energy. They are supportive of the digestive and elimination organs, as well as the metabolism, making them good choices for those trying to lose weight. They also ease headaches and migraines and aid with spinal health.

Mentally: Both varieties of Citrine aid communication skills. They are also known to assist with professional success and obtaining abundance.

Emotionally: These sunny, yellow stones dispel depression and anger. They also increase feelings of optimism and positivity. They are helpful to people who are suffering from anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses or people who are just going through a particularly rough patch.

Spiritually: These stones are known to enhance imagination and visioning skills and can be wonderful for using during meditation and manifestation practices. They also balance and clear the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Statements said on this site have not been approved by the Food and Administration. Crystal healing posits that they can take on people's emotional energy as they heal. There are many ideas and beliefs on this topic. It depends on individual needs. All that really matters is a personal 'bond,' with the crystal you take home. Whether used as talismans, healing tools, or simply for their decorative beauty.The claimed properties are collected from writings, books, folklore and many other sources. And again, they depend on the individual's attitude and beliefs. Crystals should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment. For medical advice, consult a licensed health care specialist.

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