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Clear Quartz TUMBLED

* Size 1"-1.5"


The transparent crystal is usually born in granitic pegmatites and hydrothermal veins. Well-developed crystals can reach several meters in length and weigh hundreds of kilograms. Erosion of pegmatites can reveal pockets of crystals, known as "cathedrals". It may also have a metamorphic or sedimentary origin. Additionally, it can occur in layers, particularly in varieties such as amethyst; in this case, the crystals develop from a matrix and in this way only a terminal pyramid is visible. A quartz geode, consists of a hollow stone (usually of approximately spherical shape), the interior of which is covered by a layer of crystals.

Transparent Quartz is one of the best crystals to start any treatment, or for those who are starting to practice crystal therapy as it is considered “the grandfather of the Crystals”, it promotes the flow of energy through all bodies aligning all chakras through the vibration that reflects and radiates white light that contains all the rays of the color spectrum. One of the main characteristics of this stone is the storage of information, this is the “brain of nature”. A tiny crystal particle can contain a multitude of information and an example of this is computer chips, made up of silicon dioxide, crystal.

Nowadays, man lives surrounded by crystals on all sides. The main performance of the crystals occurs in a subtle energetic plane, that is, in the origin of all things. And the basic process of the crystals acting is to absorb, store, transform and radiate energy. Therefore, the mere presence of a crystal in an environment or close to the body is already sufficient to generate a process of cleaning and energy renewal, as well as the expansion of the magnetic field.

Rock crystals can be found in the form of druse, geode, aggregate, in the form of a crystal tip (single tip or double tip), rough, rolled or in spheres, like the legendary crystal ball. Chemically it is silicon dioxide, SiO2. When used in contact with the skin between the throat and heart chakras, its energy is enhanced, remembering that the shape of the crystal also makes a difference: In spheres the energy is more easily integrated into our subtle body, since the circle is the perfect shape for energy circulation and the 2D principle of spirals, ball necklaces are a good option and the quality is guaranteed by some manufacturers, such as therapeutic necklaces.

A medium size, 0.5"-1" is best to start.

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