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Natural Amethyst Crystal Point

Materials: Natural Amethyst Crystal Point
* Origin Brazil


Amethyst - The stone of transmutation
Crystals are a source of light and energy, and are capable of emitting positive vibrations. One of the most sought after stones by collectors and lovers of natural gems, Amethyst enchants us with its beauty and energy.

In antiquity, magicians and priests believed that amethyst was a stone qualified to protect the spirit. And the royalty believed in its imperial power, being thus, the amethyst present in diverse historical jewels. Its name comes from the Greek "amethustos", which means "do not intoxicate", because it was credited to the crystal the power of purification, which influenced the liberation of addictions. Known as the stone of transmutation, it has powerful energizing and transmutative properties because it acts in physical, emotional and spiritual nature. It dissolves negative energy, making it positive. She is a great amulet for protection and purification.
In addition, it can help us to change habits, thoughts and emotions through contact with our inner nature, helping in a deeper understanding of ourselves.
That way, if you allow yourself, you can feel the strong vibrations and changes that this stone can provide us.

With a higher vibration, the amethyst is linked to the life force. Directly linked to blood vessels, it can help us with blood-related illnesses, helping with detoxification.
It increases our disposition and helps us to calm and transform everything we need. Besides being great for meditation.

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