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Natural Chevron Amethyst Bu...

Materials: Chevron Amethyst
* HIGHEST QUALITY AAA - Crystal selected and sent with much love and care to You!
* Length: 7.5" approx.
* Width: 4" approx.
* Weight 2.5 lbs.



Transmutation and Spirituality
Rough Stones
Energetic Color: Purple or Violet

Amethyst Energy:

Transmutation, spirituality, deep interiorization and connection with the Divine.

What is the power of Amethyst?

Amethyst is one of the most spiritual stones known: extremely powerful and protective of high vibration. It stimulates transmutation, the alteration of ideas, feelings and behaviors. It favors the mental-spiritual connection, inducing consciousness to higher levels, promoting love for the Divine. With a strong power of healing and purification, it expands the sense of justice, impersonality, altruism, the dissolution of limits or borders, opening the perception to another reality. During meditation, it calms and reassures the mind by taking away problems and thoughts, leading to a deeper understanding of ideas and common sense that attuned to the spiritual plane will facilitate our choices and decision making. With their transforming force, lower energies are brought to higher frequencies.

What color is the Amethyst stone?

Amethyst has variations ranging from purple to light violet.

The more intense the color, the greater its energetic power.

7th Chakra - Crown or Coronary Chakra:

Corresponding crystal: Amethyst.

The Crown Chakra is the highest, most subtle center of vibration and is associated with the wisdom of Universal Laws. The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects need to touch the balance and harmony for the experimentation of this teaic potential to take place. Amethyst assists in this development by tuning a path of spirituality through a deep and authentic inner search, self-knowledge and self-observation. The expansion of this Chakra brings practical knowledge of spirituality. It is the proof, the scope and the notorious accomplishment of the Divine.

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