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Abalone Shell Smudging XL A...

This 5-7 Inch abalone shell and tripod stand is perfect for smudging and makes for great home decor as well as gift ideas.

To smudge your home, you will need the following:
  • A white sage smudge stick (Best for purifying.)
  • Wooden matches.
  • Your abalone shell
  • Sand or soil for extinguishing herbs at the end.

Open a window in each room your are smudging. This allows the negative energy
and smoke a place to escape.
Have thoughts, prayers or intentions in mind that you will say while smudging the
room. These can be said out loud or silently. For example: "I cleanse this room of all
negative energy and fill it with love." Feel free to say whatever positive thoughts feel
right. Just as powerful is to hold a deep feeling of love for your home. (It's suggested
that before smudging a room you smudge yourself first.)

Lighting your smudge stick
Light the tip of your smudge stick . (If it does not light easily, pull apart and fan out the
tip of the herbs a little.) Once it's lit, blow out the flame after a few seconds and allow it
to smolder. You do not want flame, just a light smoke coming from it.

Smudging a person
You can smudge yourself or another person by waving the smoldering stick from side
to side, feet to head and from front to back of the body. You can also hold the stick
and spinning slowly around moving it from high to low so the smoke envelops the
body whether for yourself or another person.

Smudging a room
To cleanse or purify a room move clockwise around the edge while waving the stick
up an down near the walls and up into the corners of the room thinking or saying
positive things.

Extinguishing and storing
Once your ceremony is completed extinguish your smudge stick rubbing it in the
earth or placing the tip of it in some sand. (Sand is best as it's cleaner and allows you
to use the stick again more easily.) It is important to store your smudge stick in a
warm, dry place to ensure that it burns easily. The same stick can be used over and
over until it is fully used up.

How often to smudge
Smudge your home whenever you feel the need. Some do it seasonally. It's always a
good idea to smudge anytime you feel negativity has entered your home. As a bonus,
it rids the home of stale odors and leaves it with a nice earthy smell.

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