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Desert Jasper Tumbled Stones

Materials: Desert Jasper Tumbled Stones (POLYCHROME JASPER)
* Sizes: 1" - 2"

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Polychrome Jasper is a beautiful stone, with vibrant colors, it seems that it was designed by an artist such is its beauty.

This is a stone that is closely linked to the element of Fire and therefore appeals to passion, vitality, initiative and creativity. In addition it is very has a strong energy of rooting and centering and strengthening the connection with Mother Earth.

Polychrome Jasper is a personal nutrition stone that can support and sustain you during times of stress. It is a stone that brings a feeling of wholeness, peace and tranquility and has the ability to unify various aspects of life, so that it is possible to achieve our dreams.

It is a very positive and happy stone, which strengthens organizational capacities and focus. At the physical level it boosts the immune system and balances the intestines and stomach.


Jasper is a semi-crystalline variety of opaque quartz aggregate, finely granulated, of different colors and very varied aspects, stained irregularly or with layers, the most common color being red.

Native Americans used Jasper in ceremonies to bring rain and for divination. In ancient Egypt they were used as amulets carving them in the shape of a beetle, an ancient Egyptian king, Nechepsus, used them to strengthen his digestive system.
The word jasper comes from the Greek Jasper which means "stained stone".
In antiquity, jasper had a great reputation for causing rain.
In the 4th century, jasper was recognized as a disperser of evil spirits and protector of those who used it against the bites of poisonous creatures.
An anonymous 12th century German author asserted that if the jasper were placed on a snakebite, the venom from the wound would be fully absorbed.
Jasper was inlaid with gold and used on the breastplate of great priests in the time of Aaron.
Galen recommended tying jasper on the thighs of women to facilitate childbirth.
The ancient Romans used Jasper and believed that it kept demons and evil spirits away.
The ancient Greeks believed that Jasper ensured its user inner harmony and a happy marriage. Women believed that Jaspe freed them from female diseases and provided them with a harmonic pregnancy.
Jasper was one of the most valuable stones of antiquity and is even mentioned in the revelations of the Bible.
Among Jews, Jasper had a very important meaning. They believed that Jasper was the first cornerstone of the new Jerusalem.

Jasper and health

Polychrome jasper is a protective mineral when traveling between two worlds, it is a stone that makes you feel part of the earth, it helps you connect with people by their strength not out of necessity, it helps you to effectively integrate into everything. It centralizes and keeps the feet on the ground, assists in personal affirmation, releases hidden fears, deep repression, used for past lives, memories of marked traumatic events active in the present life, calls the soul back, informs your higher self. Fundamentals: receptive energy, planet Saturn, earth element, larynx and frontal chakra. The mother of all stones, sexual energy, protects in motherhood.

The jasper artificially colored in blue, is called false German jasper.

There is also the green blood-jasper, with red dots (Bloodstone), which has powerful and healing magical properties, and has been used in the navel against stomach pains in all ages. Relieves pain, especially during childbirth.

Considered as an important healing stone, red jasper purifies the blood and is sometimes used in detoxification when it is placed on the liver or kidneys. It is a protector, promotes beauty and grace, symbolizes strength, firmness and vitality.

Green jasper: very strong connection with the earth, excellent to have at home, calms and reduces sadness, develops great sensitivity and gives understanding to others, balances, heals the aura field and aligns intuition. Fundamentals: receptive energy, planet Venus, earth element, heart chakra.

Where should we use it?

Suitable for: Release, relief from charges, high awareness of responsibility, recognition, freedom, peaceful sleep, sense of security, accessibility, unaccustomed to smoking and alcohol. Nervous system, bladder, pregnancy, liver, stomach, spleen, overweight, accumulation of fat.

Minings origin or extraction of Jasper Desert

Germany, Egypt, Brazil filling cracks and cavities, South Africa, India, Australia, Madagascar.

How it is mined ?

Polychrome jasper also called desert jasper is an amazing new discovery from Madagascar! It was discovered by geologists in 2006, while looking for the jasper ocean it was mined from.

Summary of Properties of Jasper Polychrome in Therapies

Energy: projective.

Planet Mars.

Fire element.

Chackras: Solar plexus.

Zodiac Sign: Taurus (4/21 to 5/20) and Virgo (8/23 to 9/22).

Therapeutic effects for the body: Jasper is a very powerful stone and can stop bleeding. It harmonizes the nervous system, lessens the diseases of the liver, stomach and spleen. Jasper-fortified water has regenerating effects on the body. In cases of pregnancy, it reduces nausea and prevents frequent vomiting, providing pregnant women with a pregnancy full of harmony and love for the unborn child.

Therapeutic effects for the psyche: Jasper has harmonizing powers over negative fluctuations in the body. It works as a lightning rod and frees us from the inflows of other people, providing a high degree of inner harmony, which translates into more satisfaction and understanding in marriage, friendship and the exercise of the profession. In meditation, penetration into the chakra drives Jasper's forces over the bloodstream throughout our body. With it we achieved a phase of relaxation and we feel our soul freed from blockages and constrictions.
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