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Raw Bull's eye Stone

Materials: Raw Bull's eye Stone, - Protection Crystal

* Size 2" - 4"
* Origin South African

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he bull's eye stone, also known as the Red Tiger's Eye or Dragon's Eye, is a lucky and protective stone, the bull's eye stone combines the protective energy of black with the power of action of reddish tones and is excellent for the strengthening of reasoning, inspiration, mental activity, courage and achievements teaching us to be energetic in a serene way is a stone linked to survival and helps us to use our survival power in difficult or troubled times, driving away fear and nightmares furthermore this wonderful stone increases leadership capacity and helps in professional and business success in the physical body, it is excellent in helping against respiratory diseases, it helps to strengthen the body in general and bones in particular.

The Bull's Eye crystal has a strong connection with the energy of Mother Earth, so it conveys a feeling of warmth and protection to those who wear it, this is a gem that provides great strength and constancy when we start new directions and projects, its capacity of rooting is of great value for people who intend to do many things, but have difficulties in achieving it. It is a gem that favors physical and mental resistance, providing balance to the nervous system, contributing to the person being more centered and having ease in achieving the your goals.

In emotional terms, the Bull's Eye stone helps to eliminate trauma and overcome complicated situations, the use of this gem is beneficial in processes where we decide to change a habit, or routine, it reduces indecision and gives the necessary flexibility to adapt. in new circumstances, in spiritual terms, we can count on the Bull's Eye to strengthen the bridges between the different astral planes. This crystal has a connection with the Muladhara, the first Chakra that is located at the base of the spine and in Feng Shui it is related to the West sector of the house.

It is common to find professional players who use this gem as an amulet, to give them luck in their bets as this crystal has a strong Yin energy, its use provides strength and protection in a constant and deep way. The base color of the Bull's Eye is brown , on which darker brown bands are formed, but it is normal to find gems whose base color is reddish brown, on the Mohs scale this is a gem that has a hardness degree between 6.5 and 7 its main Oxhole deposits are located in South Africa and the United States.

This dazzling crystal brings the vibrating energies of vitality and integrity and reinforces the integrity of the Self, helps ground subtle energies to the physical body, brings us practicality and the willpower to take care of ourselves. related to the base chakra so it activates our survival instinct and helps to use it correctly in difficult times.

It is a stimulating stone that overcomes lethargy and gives motivation and good luck. It teaches us to be energetic in a serene way, giving us the confidence to reach our goals, its predominantly red color is related to the Basic Chakra that the stone represents. Strengthens persistence, endurance and material achievement by unlocking the 1st. Chakra and also making the person believe a lot in life. Therefore, it is very good for depression, emotional imbalance, lack of faith and loss of self-confidence, it stimulates physical disposition and mental activity all with your feet on the ground.

Its composition is Silicon Dioxide with an auxiliary in Iron, Chromium and Manganese.

Like the cat's eye, the falcon's eye and the tiger's eye, it is a lucky and protective stone that combines the protective energy of black with the power of action of reddish tones. It is a brain energizer, favors reasoning, inspiration, power and mental activity, courage and achievements, teaches us to be energetic in a serene way.

Hardness: 6.5 and 7 Mohs

Chakra: Base

Element earth

Origin: South Africa and the United States

Chemical composition: Silicon Dioxide with auxiliary in Iron, Chromium and Manganese

Esoteric and psychic effects:

  • Calm
  • Confidence
  • Leadership
  • indecision problems
  • emotional imbalance
  • Resistance
  • material achievement
  • Good luck
  • Self confidence

Therapeutic effects:

  • Respiratory diseases
  • strengthens the body
  • bones
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