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Rough Rainbow Moonstone

Materials: Rough Moonstone Rainbow, Healing Crystals, Protection Stone
* Origin: India
* Size 1" - 2"

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Moonstone is a crystal of rare beauty found mainly in India and Australia, it has a strong connection with the earth's natural satellite and with people's intuition in nature. Learn a little more about this mystical stone.

It is considered the “stone of strength” and also known as the “stone of female power”. She is the female power stone as it is closely linked to this gender, bringing physical and spiritual benefits to them. The benefits of Pedra da Lua are recognized since the times of our ancestors, by ancient civilizations, and you can take advantage of all this wisdom. See how below.

It is believed that this stone with its silvery and bluish reflections (similar to the moon) brings peace, harmony and love to people and environments.

It helps to calm, warm or quiet emotions and exaggerated reactions according to our needs. At the same time, she is able to give us the foresight to realize that everything that happens to us is part of a constant cycle of transformations that lead us to evolution.


Balances the feminine and masculine energies. It works as an antidote for women who have an aggressive femininity or for men with sexist tendencies. It touches on sensitivity and intuition, developing psychic gifts. It facilitates openness to spiritual matters and reinforces psychic abilities that help people connect with their subconscious nature.

In addition to balancing energies as described above, it is also indicated to alleviate PMS symptoms, contributes to conception by increasing fertility, for pregnancy, pacifies childbirth and stimulates milk production during breastfeeding. But beware, as it touches and intensifies the female emotions, during the menstrual period (especially if it coincides with the full moon) women should avoid contact with this stone.

It benefits the digestive and reproductive system in addition to speeding up metabolism (which results in faster weight loss).

The moonstone of mining is composed of an alkaline feldspar, mostly potassic, that is, orthoclase, in its "adularia" variety. And it is actually a microtektite resulting in the association of microscopic platelets of a sodium feldspar, albite, within the orthoclase when the orthoclase and albite mixture cools. The phenomenon of adolescence, which is the appearance of bluish effects, is due to the interference created by these micro platelets of albite in the orthoclase that form a true network of light beam deviation. Depending on the spacing of the layers of these albite micro platelet networks in the orthoclase, these interference phenomena inducing bluish or whitish effects make one think of lunar rays. This phenomenon of light ray deflection with bluish effects is called "flattering, but the white moonstone may also exhibit a "cat's eye" chatoyance.

Therapeutic Characteristics: Facilitates the recovery of emotional stability, reduces emotional tension, reduces fatigue, develops intuition, creativity, stimulates the proper functioning of all organs of the human body, increases fertility in women and decreases the problems during menopause. It gives inspiration and encourages interpersonal relationships. In this sense, it helps to establish marital harmony, express feelings and reconciliation. It should be used by severe people, as it transmits sensitivity, sweetness and tolerance.

Extraction site

In the south of Sri Lanka, where the most beautiful are found, they are found in kaolinite inside which the stone constitutes a species of stone that has resisted the degradation of other feldspars. Rudimentary mines penetrate up to 50 meters deep. Large, good-quality moonstones are very rare, but exist that can weigh 230 carats. It is also found in Brazil, the United States, India (Madras region), Madagascar, Australia and Tanzania without forgetting Switzerland where this patron of adularia, took its name from Mount Adula, in the Saint-Gothard massif , where she was discovered.

Cultural and Historical Lithotherapy

In many countries in Asia, it is used to relieve illnesses by arranging stones over their various chakras. Carrying in it moonlight powers, the moonstone would symbolize femininity and fertility and Muslim women sewed one into their dresses to have children. She would regulate the female hormonal system by placing a stone on her ovaries and second chakra. The moonstone also symbolizes childhood innocence, that is, virtue without malice. It would stimulate imagination and sensitivity, making dreams more conscious and precognitive, supporting delicate decision-making, developing intuition. She would bring sweetness and tolerance to renowned people, hard and severe, contributing to marital happiness and reconciling the quarreled lovers. It was used in the crescent moon period to increase love while in the waning period it gave a glimpse into the future. The physician Diooscoride, from the first century after J.C., in his "medical material", wrote that the moonstone cures epilepsy.

Historic Stones and Legends

The astrologer and physician of Marguerite de Valois, wife of François I°, speaks of the reproduction of the phases of the moon in this stone: "The stone was as wide and long as a noble rose (a coin), but thicker, black as a resinous substance taken from the pine, showing increases and decreases of moonlight, at a certain white point.... At the instant of the conjunction of the moon and the sun, the index of the moon mark appeared in the highest of the stone's surroundings like a small dark grain that increased each day like a white gherkin and turned out to be round in the middle of the stone like a great pea, like the full moon: then it diminished.... This stone was offered to the young King Edward of England. Caption : In Sri Lanka, long before the constitution of the Sinhalese kingdom, in the 5th century BC, on a full moon night, the rays of our satellite were transformed into stone of an extraordinary color endowed with magical powers. The inhabitants fled from the sun to find it because they had noticed that it called rain, source of life in the month of August when the festival of Perahera. It is found in incrustations in temples dating back more than 1000 years BC.

Use in jewelry

It is cut in cabochons. To obtain the most beautiful shine, the silvery or bluish moonlight seems to touch the surface slightly while it seems to hide in the bosom of the stone, its base must be parallel to the plane of the alternate layers, otherwise the shine can go unnoticed which removes everything the value of the gem. Necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings are made. The high jewelry store uses moonstone for numerous prestigious achievements, it is also mounted in association with rubies. The "Opal of Ceylon" appellation for the moonstone is prohibited in jewelry.

Care and precaution in everyday life
Sensitive to shocks, it should be washed with warm water and dried with a suede leather.

Attenuates feelings of rancor, envy. The Moonstone Crystal can be used in the Splenic Chakras (2nd Chakra) which is located in the lower abdomen (a little below the navel) and Solar Plexus (3rd Chakra) which is located a little above the navel.
For a good night's sleep and fertility stimulation, we suggest placing Moonstone under your pillow before bed. This practice also contributes to the emergence of your sensitivity, intuition and femininity.

Physical characteristics

Main color: white

Other colors: blue, grey, yellow, orange, wanted in transparent milky white, with bluish highlights

Stroke color: white

Shine: silky

Hardness: 6.0 to 6.5

Density: 2.56 to 2.59

Cleavage: perfect

Fracture: irregular

optical properties

Transparency: transparent, translucent, milky, opalescent

Refringence: 1.518 - 1.525

Birefringence: 0.008

Dubbing: no

Dispersion: 0.012 (0.008)

Pleochroism: absent

Number of colors: 1

Fluorescence: weak

Zodiac signs: Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer

Month: June

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