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White Quartz Crystal

❤️Materials: DRUZE QUARTZ
* Size 2"- 8"
* From Brazil

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The Crystal that awakens the mental order

Crystal - Transparent Quartz, it is considered one of the crystals of greater spiritual value. Rock crystal or hyaline quartz is the purest source of energy. It is the most powerful form of protection and can be programmed to take on another color from the other power stones, it is one of the most important, in addition to its use in therapies it is at the basis of modern technological development, such as computer chips.

Considered the Supreme Crystal, it attunes the energies of the 4th White Ray of ascension, peace, purity, order and perfection. It has the ability to purify all other crystals and to raise the energy of any environment where you are or a person, it enhances clairvoyance and intuition, acting positively on all chakras.

In antiquity, it was used as a magic wand tip, to make incantations or ceremonial rites.

It acts in the energetic unblocking of all the chakras, allowing a better functioning of the whole body. If specific areas or organs are prevented from receiving or transmitting the flow of energy throughout the body, the transparent quartz will unblock them.

So rock crystals play an important role in creating harmony and help to balance all stimuli, positive or negative.

It facilitates the connection with the elementals of the body itself, of nature and with devas of the crystals that will be used in a therapy. It is a crystal that awakens the soul's call to what is really important to be done in this period of existence in all aspects, physical, emotional, professional.

It is an energetic unblocker, opening the doors to elevated communications, providing interior lighting, distributing energy throughout the body, removing negative thought forms. It balances yin-yang energies, elevates thoughts and expands psychic gifts. If specific areas or organs are prevented from receiving or transmitting the flow of energy throughout the body, Transparent Quartz will unblock them. It works on a vibratory level so that the body returns to a less altered and sick state.

So rock crystals play an important role in creating harmony and help to balance all stimuli, positive or negative.

In spiritual matters, the Quartz crystal is very useful in guiding our search for the meaning and importance of existence.

The Transparent Quartz Crystal can help us to tune in our own energy and not get lost in unnecessary distractions; thus, it helps meditation.

In the physical, it strengthens health in general and has an effect on the pituitary gland, in the stomach, in the intestinal tract, in the treatment of ulcers, leukemia, increases the absorption of amino acids and proteins.

Its main function is balance , it activates and deactivates energies in the body and spirit according to the mental order

Mental unblocking - activates thinking, removes mental barriers, flows reasoning, generates mental and emotional clarity.
Energy cleaning - it is powerful for cleaning auric and environments, bringing constant energy cleaning.
Stimulating - with a lot of energy, this crystal works well against physical and mental fatigue and relieves the symptoms of stress.
Lucidity and understanding - when we are unable to think and find a way out of everyday situations, white quartz brings a lot of lucidity and facilitates the understanding of everyday issues, calming the mind and emotions in search of the best ways out of our problems.
Increases concentration - so it is very suitable for those who need a lot of concentration to study and / or work. Suitable for professional activities that involve risk and that there can be no distraction.
Facilitates meditation - it is able to activate all levels of consciousness, and with increased concentration, meditation and understanding of intuition is easier.
It removes negative energies - it disperses the negativity of the energy field of people and the environment.
It receives, expands and transmits the positive energy of people and places.
It is placed over the chakra you want to unlock and activate . It will immediately restore the balance of this chakra and the fields it surrounds, assisting in the healing process .

Transparent Quartz can be carried or used by anyone and used with any other stone for specific physical problems, it amplifies the effects of each stone and directs the treatment to the person's energy

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